Supporting Surfers Against Sewage

Supporting Surfers Against Sewage

A piece I was asked to write by Surfers Against Sewage on why Adventure South supports The 250 Club. It was published on their Facebook page.

Adventure South – Surfers Against Sewage Facebook Post

“Adventure South are an outdoor adventure sports provider that operates in the heart of South Devon. As with many companies and organisations in the Salcombe area, we are deeply connected to our environment, in particular, the ocean.

We spend our days working on and in the water, allowing us to witness first-hand the many issues facing coastal environments, like plastic or sewage pollution. That’s why we feel it’s so important to help protect, not just ourselves, but our clients, marine life, and beaches from one of the most serious problems facing our planet.

The 250 Club lets us give back to help protect our oceans we rely on so heavily in order to continue as a business.”

Scott Callard – Owner of Adventure South Ltd.