Why I Started an Adventure Company

Why I Started an Adventure Company

In October 2015 I turned 30 years of age, I had finally made it! It felt like a turning point, a new start, like being 18 again except I was wiser and more knowledgeable of the cruelty and wonders the world can bestow upon you. For some people the idea of 30 is a dark thought, the end of youth, having to grow up and finally do something meaningful with your life. 30 was a clean start, a way of drawing a line under 20’s and saying, ‘now that’s out the way, I can finally get on with living properly.’

Like many ideas in life, I’m sure, starting our adventure company was conceived around a bonfire after a couple of ciders about 2 the morning. It didn’t just come out of the blue, I had wanted to start something myself, having loved adventure sports most of my life. I was in the process of figuring out what type of business I wanted to create, and whether or not I was ready, did I have enough experience, could I find the money, what can I offer that others can’t. All these questions had been running through my mind for a long time.

After graduating from Plymouth college of art with a degree in animation and creative media, I realised I didn’t want to continue with animation. (It took me 5 years to realise this!)

By the time I had finished my final year, spending most of it sat indoors in front of a computer screen, dedicating hours of my life to various Adobe programs. I couldn’t contemplate a career where my life was sat still, I needed to move, be free and explore. Plus, after 5 years of sitting in a dark room animating, I was starting to look translucent!

Animation starting me off on the right track, albeit the wrong one. Feeling a little more than just confused after spending 5 years studying something I no longer had any desire to do.

I decided some much-needed travelling would refresh my zest for life, so I headed for New Zealand.

During my time in the land of the long white cloud, I worked as a canyon photographer, hanging off ropes, climbing, spending time with travellers and exploring beautiful areas. My career in the outdoor adventure industry had begun, and I loved it. Since then photography and adventure sports have taken me to Australia, Scotland, Greece and Madeira. And now, 5 years after my first canyon photography job in Queenstown, New Zealand, I’m writing this to boost my company’s SEO ranking in Google, and make my blog page look full.

Paddle Boarding around Salcombe 1024x768

Paddleboarding around Salcombe

Business and adventure are the same beast!

Starting a business where you can share your love and passion for what you do is surely a dream for anyone. I had that same passion for animation and photography, and now, that’s what drives me in adventure sports. For a lot of people in this industry, being your own boss is the ultimate goal, no one to answer to, no zero-hour contracts, and the huge satisfaction of creating something for yourself. That’s if it works out in your favour, only time will tell.

Adventure South is about to enter the most exciting stage so far and begin trading. And setting up the business seems like a blur from its conception. Although I’m working in an industry where nothing is certain, least of all the weather. One thing I do know is that business and adventure are the same beast, unpredictable, scary, hard work and unforgiving. Why would anyone want to start a business in this industry?

I think it boils down to why I like the things I like, canyoning, coasteering, kayaking, it’s the unknown, exploration, where the outcome is not guaranteed. Starting a business is simply exploration, travelling to a new place and not knowing what is around the next corner, all you can do is prepare for it, even if that takes you 5 years of university. That was when I truly started my adventure company, I just didn’t know it, university showed me what I wanted, and more importantly what I didn’t.

That passion and determination have never gone away, over the years it’s often frustrated me as I know I have the capabilities, I just needed to find the thing that clicked.

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Adventure Holidays in Salcombe